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   As the manager of a large data center in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, I deal with hardware issues faced by high-availability data center managers everywhere. We need gear to provide the resiliency to stand up to the demands of a dense compute environment with many hands touching and supporting that gear along with demands imposed by hot aisles, containment and constant uptime.

   Sentieris’ gear is unique in the data center industry. It not only is robust enough to survive a data center’s environment, it is cost-effective enough to allow deployment on scale. To a product, Sentieris’ gear solves unique requirements that the IT environment poses, in a manner not seen or enjoyed by other products.

   We have deployed Sentieris’ light modules in our data center since the product was available. It is unique in that it has multiple mounting capabilities and is powered by a simple USB (5v) interface, all generally available in any commercial rack that exists in a data center.

   The light is a welcome respite in cabinets that typically have dark interiors and allow far easier visual acuity in checking on servers and network gear and allows our technicians to handily see what is going on in the back of a cabinet without a flashlight or headlamp. The photo sensor that allows the unit to turn on is a welcome relief from switches and other means of actuation.

   We are starting to test the environmental monitoring packages Sentieris offers and can see, even at this early testing phase, that the product is unique, well thought out and robust in manufacture to enable a long service life in a data center. We applaud the decision to support open protocols and open computing via the Raspberry Pi platform. We also appreciate the one-wire technology that overcomes daisy chain limitations imposted by USB and other form factors, allowing easy of use across multiple racks and settings.


   Overall, Sentieris is a company run by true data center managers, not designers tasked with products that are designed for multiple marketplaces and are typically shoe-horned to fit in a data center. Their products work, they fulfill a unique need within our industry and are supported by a team that understands the resiliency and uptime requirements of a data center.

Matt Parker​

Director, Facilities and Data Center Infrastructure at SYNTAX

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